There are whips in many different colors, materials and lengths. Long, thin rubber strands or thick, wide leather strands and everything in between. Cat o' nine tails, floggers, whips that caress, whips that punish, riding crops, dressage whips, snaketails, bullwhips, and I'm sure that there are more whips that I have not mentioned yet.

It's wonderful to first give the skin a good warm-up with a thick suede whip to get the blood running, and preparing it for the real whipping. Hearing the loud, heavy cracks (the sound is often more impressive than the actual pain), hearing the submissive moan and groan as he bears it all.

Then a nasty, thin whip to make the submissive dance and jump, mutter and grumble, anything to try and avoid this whip. It also makes a huge difference if the submissive is simply standing there during the whipping, or if he or she is tied up and has no choice but to suffer and endure it all. Trust me when I say that there's a huge difference in the experience, the effect and in the submission of the slave.

Focused, controlled strikes with a snaketail or bullwhip, and the rush I feel when every blow lands exactly on the spot that I had intended to hit. That can turn me on quite a bit as well, it gives me a great sense of power to be able to control those whips that are known for being difficult to wield, for example.

Will you come to love the whip as wel?

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