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26 februari 2014 Latex Exposure XS in BDSM House of SubMission

You could call it a meet for latex lovers. Or a dating night for latex lovers (because you never know who you might meet). Or even a swim for latex lovers, because the swimming pool will be accessible. Don't forget your towel.

Anyway, regardless of what you want to call it, it will be a night (and if enough people are interested, we will organize these more often) to clad yourself in lovely latex. To have a drink at the bar, to meet new or old friends, to put yourself "on display" (you do want to be seen, don't you?) and, of you wish, to enter the swimming pool while dressed in latex.

This night is only for people wearing latex, so no leather or PVC.
This night is not for people who only want to watch others wear latex.
There are lockable lockers present in the Club, so it is possible to change your clothes there. There are showers available as well, so you can freshen up before you go home. Bring your own towels, so you can dry yourself off after a swim or a shower.
The night starts at 7 pm and will end at around 10 or 10.30 pm.
The admittance fee is 15 euro per guest, which includes a few snacks and soft drinks (no alcohol).

Where do you have to go?
This night is organized by Mistress Illucia and Mistress Kate of House of SubMission. Since we will be allowed to use the pool, showers, lockers and pool bar of Club Paradise, you will have to go to Thomsonlaan 107.

Our own BDSM studio House of SubMission is situated on the second floor. We don't mind showing you around, but there will be no play in the studio on this night.
So do you feel like having a drink, a chat, a look and having some fun while dressed in your latex outfit of choice? Sign up and we'll be looking forward to seeing you there.

Dutch Mistress Mrs Kate  The Hague Netherlands
Meesteres Kate Den Haag Nederlands Dutch Mistress Mrs Kate  The Hague Netherlands