Naughty nephew:

You're a nephew who has been peeping at his aunt while she was in the bathroom. You saw her step out of the bathtub, her naked body pink and wet and fragrant. While she was drying herself off, she was moving as if she knew that you were peeping at her. Did she?

Suddenly there's a small scream, and you are caught with your hand wrapped around your little cock. Next to you stands a lady who grabs you by the ear and drags you into the bathroom. Your aunt looks startled, although you think you can hear it in her voice that she already knew that you were peeping. She asks you what you have seen, and if it gave you a funny feeling in your tummy. She also asks you to describe what happened to your wee-wee, and if that has happened before. The other lady tells you to drop your pants and show how you were standing there.

You begin to feel very small, and would like nothing more than to hide against your aunt's breasts and close your eyes. But part of you also wants them to continue with their questions and commands. You would actually like to show them what you were doing behind that door. Although you can't help but wonder what punishment she has in mind.

You bad boy!!

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