Leather clothing is definitely one of my favorite things to wear.

It doesn't even really matter what kind of leather clothing I'm wearing. I simply love wearing, feeling and smelling it. Leather is tough, leather feels erotic, leather exudes power and many look up to you when you're wearing it. The scent of leather is incredibly sexy, and the feel of leather is soft, yet also very firm. When I'm wearing my long leather coat, for example with my long leather pants and leather boots with a steel heel, it blows many men right off their feet.

My leather corset with a leather skirt underneath, combined with soft calfskin gloves that I use to slowly caress your skin, makes for a very erotic experience that quickly becomes an addiction, and you'll be willing to do anything to keep feeling and smelling it.

Kissing my leather-clad hand, kissing the leather boots on my feet, and when you look up from underneath my feet, you will be in heaven.

If you are a real leather fetishist and you would like a session like that, make sure you let me know well beforehand, so I can possibly indulge you with my choice in clothing for the session.

Would you like to give me leather clothing as a present? Make sure to get in touch with me for my clothing sizes, for example, and I'm sure we'll be able to work something, out

leer laarzen fetish meesteres Kate den haag
Dutch Mistress Mrs Kate  The Hague Netherlands
Meesteres Kate Den Haag Nederlands Dutch Mistress Mrs Kate  The Hague Netherlands