Beginners with little to no BDSM experience:

Occasionally people ask me if I only play with 'experienced' submissives.
Those people think that they're only allowed to offer themselves when they have tons of experience and know all the ins and outs of BDSM, or are willing to do the most extreme things possible.

Fortunately I can ease the minds of those who have these fears:

No, I definitely do not only play with experienced submissives. I also love to play with people who have just discovered BDSM: beginners, novices, newbies, or whatever you'd like to call them. After all, everybody has to start somewhere at some point, and I too was once a newbie who stood by and watched experienced people at play. I enjoyed watching, but for a long time I did not dare to take that first step myself.

But this website is clear proof that I did take that first step at some point, yet I still see myself as someone who is still learning and discovering new things. Can you imagine that? :-)

I enjoy playing with slaves (both male and female, or even couples) who only enjoy softer forms of BDSM, like being submissive and obedient, sexy games and tasks, exhibitionism, light spanking, bondage, being blindfolded, and many other exciting things.

I absolutely love it when a person shows up on my doorstep with a lot of interest in BDSM, but little to no experience, and leaves my studio in a great mood and with a spring in his step when the session is over. Determined that this first time won't be the last, and eager to follow the path of his or her newly discovered desires.

Dutch Mistress Mrs Kate  The Hague Netherlands
Meesteres Kate Den Haag Nederlands Dutch Mistress Mrs Kate  The Hague Netherlands