Appointment with Dutch Mistress Kate, SM studio House of SubMission The Hague:

Read this page very carefully if you're considering making an appointment with Mistress Kate in The Hague.

Do note:

On this site I give you an impression of what I personally like to do, but that doesn't mean that this is appropriate for everyone or desired by everyone. BDSM is a game that should be enjoyable, possibly arousing and touching for both parties should be able to enjoy, be turned on by, and be touched by. But do realize that not everyone has the same wishes, limits and possibilities. That is why I will always (except for the Mistress' hour) have a conversation with you before a session to see what the actual possibilities are.

I only play after an appointment has been made, in the House of SubMission in the Hague.

You should always feel free to call Mistress Kate for information and/or an appointment, but please only do so between 10 am and 11 pm.

You must have caller ID active when calling me!

If not, I will not answer your call.
Text messages will be ignored, so don't bother with those.

Mistress Kate's phone number is (+31) 06 522 075 13

Dutch Mistress Kate The Hague Appoinments in House of Submission
Dutch Mistress Mrs Kate  The Hague Netherlands
Meesteres Kate Den Haag Nederlands Dutch Mistress Mrs Kate  The Hague Netherlands