50 Shades of grey:

More and more often people ask me if I have read this book, what my thoughts on it are, if I play with women as well and.... if there really are men out there like Mr. Grey in the book.

- I have not yet read the entire book, but I do know what the general contents of it are and also what effect it has on many women right now. Yes, it's mostly women reading this book (and the sequel), mainly because it is written from the perspective of the female main character.

- If I play with women as well? Absolutely, I have been doing so for a long time now, and in my personal life I have my own collared slave girl, who should be able to write her own "50 Shades" by now. I play with couples, but with only a woman as well. After all, the female body has few secrets for me, which means that I know how to play with it in all the right ways, and that goes for the female mind as well. I'm assuming that many women sometimes feel restricted by the limitations that have been imposed on them. It doesn't really matter whether they've put those limitations on themselves, or if this has been done by their environment and their upbringing. It bothers them, and they want to cast off this burden occasionally/frequently/as often as possible and freely enjoy lust, exposure, submission, appropriate suffering, challenges, power and powerlessness, but also helplessness, control, sensuality, humiliation, orders, and especially enjoy themselves.

So if you're looking for such an experience, I can certainly help you with that, and you can schedule an appointment with me in my studio House of SubMission in The Hague (in the Netherlands)

- If you would rather experience the aforementioned with a man instead of a woman, there is a possibility to get in touch with a man who uses women for his pleasure (Note: uses, not abuses). Some women project the Mr. Grey from the book on him, but that doesn't do him justice: the man I'm talking about has years of experience in this, is a welcome guest at all kinds of dark and exciting parties, and is a man who has been surrounded by both male and female slaves for many years of his life and who is completely real.
In addition to his regular group of male and female slaves, he also frequently plays with women who want some more experience in BDSM, who want to be his plaything every now and then, or who possibly wish to be trained by him.

Are you a woman who would like to know more about this, or who wants to offer herself right away, then send me (Mistress Kate) an e-mail.

Make sure to write an extensive e-mail about yourself, your age, your looks, your hobbies, any prior BDSM experience, etc.

You will always receive a reply from me when your e-mail has been received, and I will definitely answer your initial questions.

Are you brave enough to take that first step? Will you finally submit to those desires that you have kept hidden away inside of you for so long?

Dutch Mistress Mrs Kate  The Hague Netherlands
Meesteres Kate Den Haag Nederlands Dutch Mistress Mrs Kate  The Hague Netherlands